Find the Humor. Discover the Laughter.

humorI love humor. I love to laugh. I love to make other people laugh. No, I don’t have a side hustle as a comedian (though that wouldn’t be a bad idea) but you may have heard the sayings, “Laughter is the best medicine” or “Laughter is good for the soul.” Well, both are true…and necessities of life.

There is enough going on in our world, our country and our communities that can inhibit us from finding the humor and discovering the laughter around us. Unfortunately, this is also the case at our places of employment. A place where most of us spend the majority of our awaken hours. Sure, it’s easy to point out what a co-worker isn’t doing. Sure it’s easy to complain about your boss/supervisor. Sure it’s easy to complain about your crappy pay (if it is crappy). But it is also easy to find the humor if you choose.

The first place where you can often find the best humor is from the person you see in the mirror…YES, YOU! We are funny…and some, funny looking! Start here FIRST. Some of the things we do not only make us laugh but other people too, if you’re in their presence when you do it. I could create a stand-up routine just based upon myself. How about you? Maybe we can meet at the next “Last Comic Standing” audition.

I was in a staff meeting and we needed our calendars because we were deciding on future meeting dates. Well, I was using a “freebie” calendar from a promotional vendor and when dates were being mentioned, they didn’t line up with the calendar I was using. Long story short, the calendar I was using was for 2016, not 2015. To say the least, this was a moment of belly-busting laughter for us and still, periodically, resurfaces.

Humor is all around us folks. You just have to be intentional to find it…even in the workplace. Because when you find the humor, you will discover the laughter; and when you discover the laughter you will find that it is “the best medicine.” Below is one of my favorite movie laughter scenes ever. Here’s to laughter, and Remember…Personal Growth Makes You Better!

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When You Develop the Person You Develop the Professional

professionalsEverything that exists emerged, at one time, from something internal. Think about it. A baby emerges from the womb. A plant emerges from a seed. Precious metals emerge from the earth. I can go on but I hope you see my point. This holds true for professionals also, regardless of industry. You may be called a professional by way of your education and/or other credentials BUT when do you become a true professional?

Let’s first define “professional”? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, their definition is:

(1) characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession (2) :  exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace

I alluded to number (1) above. However, for this article I want to briefly address number (2). Being a professional surpasses what you are in possession of (i.e. credentials) and transcends more into who you are, “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace” just to name a few.

When you are earning your credentials for your “profession” most likely you are not, simultaneously, learning to be a professional…what I call the “what vs. who” disconnect. The “what” may take a few years and some coursework or training whereas the “who” develops and grows over time just as the baby, the plant and precious metals previously mentioned. Consider the conditions and environment that must exist for those to “emerge” into what they will become.¬†Consider the conditions and environment that must exist (or have existed) for you to become the professional that you are today. In essence, it has been a process. And during the process you may have had to learn to manage your emotions, control your tongue, work with difficult people and deal with office/organizational politics. Regardless of what you experienced during the process, your experience either facilitated or hindered your professional development; and the difference maker is how well you received and embraced the process.

When you embrace the process of personal growth and development, learn from it, and apply what is learned…THEN can you become the epitome of the definition of a professional (an amalgamation of 1 and 2). It may take some of you longer than others to get to this point. Nonetheless, continuous personal improvement means that this is something that you work on everyday regardless of how long you have been in the workplace. The moment that you feel you have arrived is the very moment that you expose your greatest flaw.

Think on this closing thought: “In order for others to see a professional, first, be a professional.” What this means is that your professionalism exudes from your being and not from a credential. In other words, develop the person (you) to develop the professional (what others see) and watch what happens.

Remember…Personal Growth Makes You Better!

Where the Mind Goes the Body Will Follow

inside the mindWe can all agree that we all have a brain…right? That three pounds of gray matter behind our skull (see picture above). However, what distinguishes us all is what rests in our mind. It is what make us as unique as the color of our skin. Our ethnicity. Our culture. And our personal background. Nonetheless, our mind is what determines our actions, hence…

Where the mind goes the body will follow.

You may have heard something similar to this. You may have heard that “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Many of you know this from the work of James Allen’s book of the same name while others of you may know this is also stated in the Bible. Regardless of where you heard it, have you ever considered what comprises your mind? Because that which makes up your mind is directly related to what manifests in your actions and behaviors. Here is the short (not exhaustive) list of elements that comprises your mind:

  1. Your attitude
  2. Your beliefs
  3. Your values
  4. Your thoughts (duh!)

Of course there are other elements that influence the above list but you cannot convince me that these four do not heavily impact what you (your body) does. With this in mind (no pun intended) it is imperative that you remain aware of your attitude, beliefs, values and thoughts – at all times – so that you can develop a better understanding of why you do what do, why you say what you say and why you think what you think.

In saying all of this, you still have the choice to follow your mind or not. It does not have supreme authority over you. What you must learn to do is filter those things that may result in destructive behavior and/or negative outcomes. From this point forward, train yourself to assess and evaluate the “origin” of what your body does and you will begin to notice something new about yourself that you never have.

Remember…Personal Growth Makes You Better!