Become a Top Performing Educator and

Develop Top Performing Students

Dear K-12 and Post Secondary Educator:

I don’t believe it is a coincidence that you have arrived on this site. Nor do I believe that it is a coincidence that you are an educator. Why? Because deep within yourself you truly believe that you can make a positive difference in your students’ lives. You have made a commitment to develop mature and conscious contributors to society. To you it is more than grades and test scores. You truly believe your students can succeed.

Well, I am in agreement with you.

However, it is not always easy for you to keep this vision clear and in the forefront of your mind. Especially with issues such as:

  • the current state of American public education

  • unparalleled dropout rates

  • critically low state funding levels

  • low student achievement and graduation rates

  • poor/lack of organizational leadership

  • and many others!

These issues make it a challenge for you, as an educator, to be effective at what you have chosen as a career.

The focus on what you contribute to education has been lost to what is not working in education. As an educator, if you are not at the top of your “game” emotionally, physically and mentally your students are unfortunate recipients of these personal deficiencies. Those educators who are at the top of their “game” have learned how to identify and manage those emotions which hinder them from being effective; and how to remain focused on the task at hand and endure despite all that is going on around them.

That is what a Top Performing Educator does. You are at the right place at the right time. You are in a position to be a world changer – one student at a time. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher, college professor/instructor, counselor or adviser, the time is now to ensure that EVERY STUDENT you encounter benefits from the best that you have to offer.

On this website, I will be sharing tips and strategies that will help catapult you to becoming a Top Performing Educator (see below how to receive my Special Report). I am also available for on-site programs and trainings for education professionals and for students.

Feel free to browse the website and SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG for interesting articles and updates, and become a part of our community. I look forward to working with you and/or your students.

See You at the Top!

Herm Allen, M.Sc. – Empowerment Specialist