Where the Mind Goes the Body Will Follow

inside the mindWe can all agree that we all have a brain…right? That three pounds of gray matter behind our skull (see picture above). However, what distinguishes us all is what rests in our mind. It is what make us as unique as the color of our skin. Our ethnicity. Our culture. And our personal background. Nonetheless, our mind is what determines our actions, hence…

Where the mind goes the body will follow.

You may have heard something similar to this. You may have heard that “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Many of you know this from the work of James Allen’s book of the same name while others of you may know this is also stated in the Bible. Regardless of where you heard it, have you ever considered what comprises your mind? Because that which makes up your mind is directly related to what manifests in your actions and behaviors. Here is the short (not exhaustive) list of elements that comprises your mind:

  1. Your attitude
  2. Your beliefs
  3. Your values
  4. Your thoughts (duh!)

Of course there are other elements that influence the above list but you cannot convince me that these four do not heavily impact what you (your body) does. With this in mind (no pun intended) it is imperative that you remain aware of your attitude, beliefs, values and thoughts – at all times – so that you can develop a better understanding of why you do what do, why you say what you say and why you think what you think.

In saying all of this, you still have the choice to follow your mind or not. It does not have supreme authority over you. What you must learn to do is filter those things that may result in destructive behavior and/or negative outcomes. From this point forward, train yourself to assess and evaluate the “origin” of what your body does and you will begin to notice something new about yourself that you never have.

Remember…Personal Growth Makes You Better!

3 Reasons Why Living in the Past is a Waste of Time

looking backwardsWe all have a past. Some of it we are proud of and some of it, well, not so proud of. Nonetheless, we all have a past that falls along that continuum. Unless your past is one that you are either proud of or it provided a foundation from which to build upon, living there is a waste of time. Here are three reasons why:

1. You can’t change it. Regardless of how awful it may have been, there is nothing that can be done about it now. All you can do is let it stay where it is…in the past. [Remember Rafiki from The Lion King?] Unless the past resulted in some kind of trauma and required professional help to cope with it, you gotta let it go. Even in this latter situation, eventually you will need to let it go or it brings you to the next reason.

2. It robs you of your today. In this life you only get one chance to live (hopefully) a happy, abundant, productive and significant life. Each day is an opportunity for doing so. However, if you continue to live in the past, today will not yield the results that you want or desire and it will lead to the next reason.

3. It delays you from reaching your future. When all or most of your energy is focused on something you can’t change and that which robs you of what is front of you today, you are on the proverbial hamster wheel…moving but going nowhere. Working frantically but making no progress and wondering why you can’t seem to get ahead.

You were put here on this earth for a reason; and to not reach your destination because your past consumes an exorbitant amount of your attention is not fair…to yourself nor to society. Yes, your past may have not been what you wanted it to be but consider that what you experienced was not for you. I have come to find that those awful things from the past was my test to help someone in my future.

Time, as we know it, is limited on this side. Don’t waste it or make excuses because of your past; instead, be prepared to share that experience with someone whom you may not even know or have yet to meet. Trust me, don’t live in the past (because of the 3 reasons above) but use it as a tool to help you chart the course towards your future and just maybe you will help a few others along the way. One of my favorite quotations is “you can’t expect to move forward by continually looking backwards.”

 Remember…Personal Growth Makes You Better!