Cam Newton and His Character

cam newtonIn the aftermath of Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and, the newly crowned champion Denver Broncos, a lot of attention is being given to what took place after the game…the behavior of Cam Newton (Carolina’s NFL MVP Quarterback) during the post game presser. Click here if you have not seen it.

While I won’t dissect his behavior, I’ll leave that up to you if you so desire. Instead, I’ll let this excerpt from my book, F.O.C.U.S. – 5 Essential Principles to Reach Your Goals for Students & Other Smart People speak on my behalf… Continue reading “Cam Newton and His Character”

From Goals to Significance

sunset“Reaching our goals should leave evidence that we lived a life of significance.”

Regardless of your chosen endeavor, career or occupation allow me to say to you that whatever that goal may be, it is not just for you. Of course you are the one who will experience obstacles, difficult people, bad decisions, and setbacks; but you will also be the one who will experience accomplishments along the way, develop lifelong relationships, absorb an abundance of learning opportunities and, yes, make money too…hopefully LOTS of it. With the bad and the good, the journey to reaching your goals should leave evidence that you lived a life of significance and you will leave behind a trail for others to follow or, at a minimum, be a lasting inspiration. Continue reading “From Goals to Significance”

My Personal Manifesto


a personal manifesto

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Here is a no-cost, download of My Personal Manifesto. This document will give you some insight into who I am. It is also a piece that I hope will encourage, inspire and motivate you to take an introspective look at who and where you are as a person. Hopefully this manifesto will provide you with a foundation from which to build upon and grow.

I would love to read your comments so feel free to share them here.